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Your Meaningful Use Loop

August 16, 2010

Recently I visited with a medical practice nearby for consulting services and noticed a picture on the wall of a road with overhanging trees that seemed to go on forever.  I asked the receptionist if that was a real picture and did that road exists somewhere.  She remarked that it reminded her of the loop in Ormond Beach, not far from my home in Florida.  I had heard of the “The Loop,” but had not been there.

Yesterday, I decided to take a drive on the “The Loop.” The Loop What a beautiful ride it was.  It got me thinking about the meaningful use incentives for physician practices and how this is like a loop.  Once you get on the trail, you follow it til the end.  So the loop goes something like this:

1. Get On The Loop At The Beginning

You first have to be willing to get on the loop in order to see the scenic highway.  As a medical practice manager, it is a drive on the loop for your medical practice that pays off in the end.  You will have to be committed to the process in order to make it worth your while for your practice.  Get the information you need to succeed.

As a Medicare provider, you will need to review the meaningful use objectives and EHR incentives and be prepared to set your own objective for your practice going forward.  Know why you are getting into this and what the benefits for you will be.

2.  Expect A Winding Road At Times

The Loop has many bends and turns, but they are manageable when taken at recommended speed.  Consider all the bends as the necessities to getting to your intended destination.  There will most definitely be tasks that will be less than desired along the way and possible delays.

There are many resources to help you with the bends in the road that you can encounter and here are just a few:  HealthIT, PECOS, Stage 1 – Meaningful Use Criteria, Physicians First Links, and they are extremely helpful.

3.  Share Your Ride And Experience

As you venture through the winding maze of meaningful use you will discover things and resources that have helped you through it.  Share your knowledge with others.  Be willing to converse with other practice managers like yourself and glean the information that you need in order to maneuver the curves along the way.

Remember, this site is primarily about perspective.  Your perspective as a practice manager will determine your success.  If you go it alone you may end up on the back river by yourself wondering what happened.  Involving yourself in groups such as MGMA, POMAA, or PAHCOM to name a few, and allowing others to help you such as consultants, vendors and guides along the way will not only make the journey more enjoyable, but could mean the difference between meeting your incentive objective and not meeting it for 2011.    Don’t take chances for your first time on the meaningful use loop.Tomoka River Kayaking

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2 Responses to “Your Meaningful Use Loop”

  1. Teresa Jackson Says:
    August 27th, 2010 at 3:46 pm


    This is really crazy. I found your blog through a Google search. While I was reading your “Meaningful Loop” article I spotted your picture of the Loop Road and I thought how much it looks like the road going to my son’s house. Turns out it is the road that goes to my son’s house. I just returned from visiting Ormond Beach (I live in Pittsburgh) and am missing the ocean already. Such a coincidence!

    Your article is great and pertains to a lot more than a medical practice. You reminded me about the importance of working together with others to obtain my goals.

    I have a lot of filing system information on my blog Feel free to use any of the info that would help your clients.


  2. Rebecca Morehead Says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Submitted on 2010/08/28 at 4:38pm


    Thank you for your kind words. It is serendipitous that you found me in the way that you did. My husband and I drove on the loop again today. We are enjoying the beach late this summer I guess.

    I checked out your website and commented there on one of your articles on attitude. It was a gentle reminder of how important our attitudes can truly be not just in the workplace but in every area of our lives. There is a lot of useful information there. Thank you for sharing it here.



Rebecca on Twitter
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